The University of Maryland’s Center for International Policy Exchanges ( is happy to act as steward of the valuable materials published on The European Institute’s website, including those published through its online journal, European Affairs. These articles have illuminated important trans-Atlantic issues since 2000, providing a rich and valuable source of expert opinion and insight.

All articles and blogs are well indexed and accessible to all here on the existing website of the European Institute ( In the future, we plan to migrate these materials to a UMD site, operating as the European Institute at the University of Maryland. Please address any questions to Jason Scott (

Currently, our archive is split into three categories: European Affairs Articles, Former EI Programs, and EI Blog Posts.


European Affairs Articles

Published by The European Institute®, European Affairs reflected the discussions that take place between the US and Europe in the capital of the United States. Its goal was to facilitate the transatlantic dialogue and to disseminate information on issues affecting the US-EU relationship.

European Affairs was a source of first-hand information about the transatlantic relationship. It covered an array of issues, including US-EU trade relations, financial and monetary affairs, information technology, European security, defense, NATO, European Union enlargement, environment and energy.

European Affairs provided its readers with a thorough analysis of the differences between the US and EU in approaching these issues.

Contributors to European Affairs were major American and European policy and business leaders, as well as journalists and academics. The uniqueness of this policy review stemmed from the fact that it was a primary source of information.



The European Institute® built a reputation as the leading public policy organization in Washington devoted solely to European-American relations. The European Institute's comprehensive program fostered pragmatic, unofficial discussions on the central economic, strategic, environmental and public policy issues that lie at the heart of the transatlantic relationship and facilitated substantial exchange between key transatlantic constituencies. Roundtables, of various sizes and formality, offered the flexibility to address key issues in a timely manner, address immediate concerns and offer continuity for effective and sustained cooperation.


EI Blog

The EI blog was created to give short, timely analyses of current events in between releases of the European Affairs journal. Articles published in the EI blog tended to cover the same array of issues as European Affairs, but in a punchier, less academic and more news-oriented format.