European Expert Suggests "NATO for North Africa" (9/1)     Print Email

A bold suggestion has emerged from the positive military outcome in Libya. Namely, Europe should be thinking long term about creating a "new NATO,” under European control  and called “North Africa Treaty Organization”--  to promote stability in the region that has recently turned so volatile. The author, Giles Merritt, a Brussels-based security expert, notes that Europe has the skills and experience (and enough military punch) to provide backbone for a regional organization on this scale. Its work could start with peacekeeping and nation-building in Libya. The idea sounds  constructive for North Africa and for Europe. But even if European leaders were able to unite on it, the initiative is bound to be a tough sell to the Arab League and the Arab governments that would be directly involved.

  • Organized Labor in U.S. and Germany—Will it Survive?

    By Michael Mosettig

    To the union leaders who occupy offices inside, the big white building just north of Lafayette Square in Washington is known as The House of Labor. Encased on marble, with a view of the White House, it exudes the power that once belonged to leaders of American labor unions to help pick and elect Democratic Party presidents and push their agendas through Congress.

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UMD Jean Monnet Research Project

Infrastructure Planning and Financing: Lessons from Europe and the United States

The University of Maryland has received a Jean Monnet grant from the EU to conduct a series of policy exchanges between Europe and the US on filling infrastructure needs and the utility of public/private partnerships as the financing mechanism. If interested in participating in or receiving more information about these exchanges, please contact Rye McKenzie (

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