The opening salvo: Cameron’s wish list for Europe (11/13)

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has finally announced what he would like to achieve by negotiating with the European Union about Britain’s future role in the EU. Or has he? In a letter sent to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk there is little to suggest that Cameron is about to enter the decisive phase of the negotiations on the basis of a specific list of detailed requests. Cameron outlines some generic and already well-known areas in which Britain would like to see progress.

After the Torpor, Green Shoots? ‘Modest Recovery’ Forecast for Europe as Global Economic Outlook Strengthens despite Emerging Markets Difficulties (11/9)

By James D. Spellman, Strategic Communications LLC

Despite global economic difficulties, especially those spilling over from the downturn in China and other emerging markets, a modest recovery is forecast for Europe next year. These “green shoots” come as the European Central Bank decides in early December whether to expand its programs to jumpstart economic growth and avoid deflation, “quantitative easing 2.”