Pew Survey Confirms Turmoil over Europe (5/14)

By Michael D. Mosettig, former foreign editor of PBS News Hour

michaelmosettigThe numbers are as grim as the title of the latest Pew Research Center survey – “The New Sick Man of Europe: the European Union,”   released today in Brussels.


Perspective -- No More Visas Required for Poles Soon? But Do They Care? (5/13)

By Inga Czerny, U.S. Correspondent  for the Polish News Agency

inga czerny- 5The ongoing reform of the U.S. immigration laws opens the chance to resolve an issue, which for 20 years has divided Poland and the U.S.--  the tourist visa requirement for Poles traveling to U.S. Yes, Poland, once described by French diplomats as the U.S. Trojan horse in the EU, is one of only three EU countries (together with Romania and Bulgaria) that still are not a part of  the Visa Waiver Program, which allows foreign tourists to visit the U.S. without  a visa in advance.  Why is that? Because the percentage of Poles who are denied visas or who remain in the U.S. for longer than their visas allow, exceeds the rigid legal limit of 3 percent.


Washington Policy Wonks Wait for Froman as Trade Rep (5/3)

For Washington policy wonks it had become the equivalent of waiting for white smoke to emerge from the Vatican. But the selection of a new Pope came a lot more quickly in March  than President Obama's appointment of his top international economic advisor Michael Froman as U.S. Trade Representative.