Hollande’s Socialist Party Wins Parliamentary Elections in France (6/18)     Print Email

By Justine Revenaz, Editorial Assistant at European Affairs

Francois Hollande, who last month unseated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy to win the French presidency, has added, in Sunday elections, a convincing victory in the parliamentary elections for his Socialist Party. Hollande said earlier on national TV that without a working majority in parliament he would be "a conductor without an orchestra."

Out of 577 total seats in the National Assembly the Socialists won 280 with another 34 from two allied parties, giving the parliamentary bloc 314 seats and a very responsive orchestra for Mr. Hollande, considerably more than the 289 needed for an absolute majority. Sarkozy's party, Union for a Popular Movement, won 194 seats.

The parliamentary victory is important for Mr. Hollande, to pass the legislation necessary to honor the promises he made during his campaign. Those promises include promoting economic growth with regulation, creating jobs, and strengthening the euro and protecting the eurozone. Mr. Hollande's victory will showcase him as a strong newcomer at the G20 meetings in Mexico.