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Welcome to the European Affairs® homepage. We hope that you will enjoy your visit and our publication.

Published by The European Institute®, European Affairs reflects the discussions that take place between the US and Europe in the capital of the United States. Its goal is to facilitate the transatlantic dialogue and to disseminate information on issues affecting the US-EU relationship.

European Affairs is a source of first-hand information about the transatlantic relationship. It covers an array of issues, including US-EU trade relations, financial and monetary affairs, information technology, European security, defense, NATO, European Union enlargement, environment and energy.

European Affairs provides its readers with a thorough analysis of the differences between the US and EU in approaching these issues.

Contributors to European Affairs are major American and European policy and business leaders, as well as journalists and academics. The uniqueness of this policy review stems from the fact that it is a primary source of information.

European Affairs will bring you up to date with forward-looking information on what our American and European leaders are thinking and doing.

Jacqueline Grapin


Inside European Affairs

jacquelinegrapin2015cJacqueline Grapin

billmarmonWilliam Marmon
Managing Editor

Editorial Board

John Barry
Former National Security Correspondent at Newsweek


BrianBeary.new1Brian Beary
European Affairs

djbesharov_0Doug Besharov
University of Maryland




timclark.newTim Clark 
Government Executive Magazine

Ann Crittenden
A former New York Times Reporter, Ms. Crittenden is currently a writer and playwright based in Washington, DC  and Puycelsi, France.



Inga CzernyIngaCzerny.new
Polish Press Agency



paul_horne_realPaul Horne
Independent Economist


GarretMartin.newGarret Martin
Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and American University


danmorgan.newDan Morgan
A former Washington Post reporter and editor, Mr. Morgan is an independent journalist specializing in agriculture and energy issues. He is the author of the best-selling "Merchants of Grain," as well as "Rising in the West," which traced the religious and cultural origins of the Tea Party. He has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, most recently for his 2006 series "Harvesting Cash," which was-runner up for the gold medal for public service.



Michael D. Mosettig
Former Foreign Editor for the PBS News Hour


katerinasokou.2016Katerina Sokou
Washington Correspondent for Kathimerini





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