Fall/Winter 2009 Vol. 10, no. 3

Landmine for U.S. Climate Policy -- Farm Lobby Weighs on any Global Pact

Farm Lobby Weighs on any Global Pact

On the side of the Atlantic where rural restaurants serve “chicken-fried steak” instead of terrine or schnitzel, Europe’s farm bloc has acquired an almost legendary reputation for lobbying clout as exemplified, say, by the weight of the Common Agricultural Policy in transatlantic trade negotiations. American farmers often wish they wielded the same kind of power and influence.


Nuclear Weapons in Europe -- Long Dormant Debate Brewing Again

Long Dormant Debate Brewing Again

Tensions are slowly building within the Atlantic Alliance about the future role of nuclear weapons in transatlantic security. New questions arise for NATO, the European Union and individual member States. All the pieces of the European strategic “mobile” have been set in motion in the past five years, and a major debate has started. NATO and EU members will have to find ways to maintain a modicum of consensus about this issue if they wish to avoid cracks in Alliance unity on global nuclear issues.


Europe Gets a 'Diplomatic Service'

Will it succeed in giving the EU a stronger voice on the world stage?

The European Union breathed a sigh of relief with the entry into force of the long-awaited, long-debated Lisbon Treaty. One of its most important innovations, potentially, is the creation of a multi-national “diplomatic corps” to work under the EU’s new “foreign minister.”


Google as Global Wunderkind

"Googled, The End of the World as We Know It," by Ken Auletta, will not be the last book written about Google, but it is likely to be the definitive word on Google as adolescent.


Psychological Fears and Hopes Transatlantic Wedge

National Emotions Have Growing Importance in Globalized Politics

Do emotions – and not just realpolitik or economics – play a key role in geopolitics? The thesis that they do powerfully shape international developments is masterfully argued by Dominique Moïsi in his latest book, The Geopolitics of Emotion: how cultures of fear, humiliation, and hope are reshaping the world (translated from the French for publication in New York: Doubleday, 2009)