EA September 2013

Perspectives: Choppy Atlantic Waters Ahead?

paul_horne_realAfter Germany’s federal election on Sunday, September 22, there may be a growing risk of another chapter in the Euro crisis saga that began in late 2009.  Causes could be Germany’s new coalition government’s reaction to new international bond market stresses; Euro member governments’ political problems; unfinished business such as reform of Euro institutions and a Euro banking union; plus U.S. financial and fiscal stresses that may trigger new strains in Euro financial markets.


View From London: Raising the Stakes on the UK's Europe Debate

A political party founded just twenty years ago, which has no seat in the parliament at Westminster, is a major catalyst in Prime Minister David geoffpaulphotoCameron's pledge to give Britons a choice by referendum on whether to stay in or pull out of the European Union.   The referendum, if it takes place at all, will not be until after the next General Election in 2015 and probably not until 2017.  The prospect is for several unsettling years of speculation, economic and political uncertainty, while Britain's future EU role remains unresolved. Cameron's authority in his Conservative party and the country has already been weakened by his failure to carry the House of Commons with him in a commitment to militarily engage with Syria. A delayed referendum with growing dissension in his party over the timing of a referendum would harm him further still.


U.S.-EU Privacy Policy Relations Post-Snowden: ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ Over A Perilous Road

chrisboam2013On a foggy night in October 2003, my wife and I found ourselves late for an expected arrival in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland.  Shortly after dark, we entered a part of the Dingle Peninsula route known as the Conor Pass, not being at all adequately briefed as to what this road entailed.  At one point, my wife – who had taken over the driving – asked me what I was looking at.  The real answer was indeed “nothing,” for despite the pitch-blackness, it had been clear to me for at least a mile that we were driving along the edge of a shear cliff face.  I did my best at being nonchalant.  “Just keep focused on the road ahead, and we can talk about it in Tralee.”  We did arrive safely, but still, I made sure that we ordered pints before looking at guidebook pictures of the Pass.