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Bilateral Relations
Why Merkel Is Getting Red-Carpet Welcome in Washington (6/6) Print Email
June 2011
By European Affairs   

The Obama administration is extending an exceptionally warm reception to Chancellor Angela Merkel even though she recently opposed Washington on Libya and on so many economic issues. Why?

Why the IMF Should Be Led by a European (6/2) Print Email
Our Must Reads

"Why the IMF Should Be Led by a European" by Jean-Dominique Giuliani, head of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a think tank promoting stronger EU integration. Despite calls for the next Managing Director to come from the emerging countries in Asia or Latin America, the author makes the case succinctly for the Fund to reserve its top job for a European embodying deeply-rooted Western values such as openness, impartiality and accountability. Recommended by European Affairs. (6/2)

Worldwide Web: Transatlantic Divergences on Its Future (5/31) Print Email
May 2011
By Thalia Bayle   

In an unusual joint public-private initiative, political leaders and major Internet players held a broad open forum on May 24-25 in Paris to discuss the future of the Internet. Held on the sidelines of the G8 summit meeting of Western powers in Deauville, the web forum was called "the e-G8." The outcome was foreseeable -- more divergences than agreement.

If U.S. And Europe Stick Together, the IMF's Next Head Will Be European (5/19) Print Email
EA May 2011
By European Affairs   

International jockeying is already intense about picking a successor to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who resigned as head of the IMF on May 18. It is a key post in global financial affairs: under Strauss-Kahn, the Fund regained prestige and power, mainly as an influential investor and arbiter in the rescue and bail-out packages for debt-stricken European countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

In Smart-Power Shift, U.S. Now Actively Cultivating Muslim Minorities In The EU Print Email
EA April 2011
By Garret Martin -- European Affairs Editor at Large   

The U.S. State Department has some new pro-active policies toward Muslims and other minorities in Europe that seem to mark a salient change. For example, Charles Rivkin isn't your traditional American ambassador in Paris: a political appointee with a career background in entertainment, he is regularly spotted doing things like this: hosting hip-hop artists and ethnic-minority politicians at embassy receptions; inaugurating a large art mural in Villiers-le-Bel, the site of major urban riots in 2007; visiting a youth cultural center and engaging in debates with the audience; dropping in on embassy-sponsored seminars on social issues and engines of change;


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