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  • How to Live in a World at Peace?

    On May 16, 2016, The European Institute and the European Parliament Liaison Office with the U.S. Congress hosted a lunch discussion with The Honorable Alain Lamassoure, Chairman of the European Parliament's Special Committee on Tax Rulings.  Mr. Lamassoure addressed how the European Union and the United States are coexisting in peace and how the two global powers must fight the newest enemy, fear.

    Read Mr. Lamassoure's full speech here.

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Forging Commonalities in Europe’s History

- By Jacqueline Grapin, Founder & Co-Chair of The European Institute

jacquelinegrapin2015cEurope cannot escape its history. It needs to digest it.

It is in this spirit that a group of 30 eminent historians from seventeen European countries and different schools of thought recently met at the College des Bernardins, a foundation close to Notre Dame de Paris, to present their research and launch a dialogue on the commonalities that lie at the core of a European consciousness. It is a consciousness that is increasingly discussed, despite, or perhaps because of, the many criticisms leveled at the European Union.[1]

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Critical Deadlines Loom This Summer for Greece to Repay Debts

- By James D. Spellman, Strategic Communications LLC

spellmanGreece faces another summer of deadlines for enormous debt repayments. Fifteen different obligations, totaling more than €15 billion ($16.78 billion), are due between June and mid-September, with Treasury bill holders owed the largest amounts, a combined €12.4 billion ($13.86 billion). Treasuries had been Greece’s main source of short-term funding until Europe and the IMF provided credit through a series of bailout programs.

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The Race for 5G, the Motor for the Next Generation of Mobile Tech

- By Patricia Paoletta, Partner in Law Firm of Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis

patricia paolettaThe European Union and United States both want to lead on “5G” – the Fifth Generation of mobile technology. Indeed, the European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society Günther H. Oettinger has said that 5G will be the backbone of Europe’s Digital Single Market.[1]

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Perspectives: Erdogan “the Magnificent” and His EU Streetcar

- By Ali H. Aslan, Turkish Journalist based in Washington, DC and former Washington Correspondent for Zaman

aliaslanAs mayor of Istanbul in 1996, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "Democracy is like a streetcar. We ride it as long as we can, and then get off.” Apparently, twenty years later, Turkey’s President stays true to his word. Having skillfully used democratic mechanisms to come close to his final destination, which is absolute power, he now appears ready to get off the streetcar, as evidenced by Turkey’s autocratic trajectory, especially in the last few years.

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Letter from Brussels: Why Trump Matters to Europe

- By Thomas Klau, Policy Analyst in Brussels

thomasklau2016There are times in the life of a political writer when reality seizes the toolbox of words and concepts one has been using to tackle it and junks the whole lot.

An instance that springs to mind is a dinner with Italy's then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in 2003. Speaking before a few dozen journalists in Rome, Italy's richest and most powerful man launched into a long riff on his own qualities, proclivities and alleged political persecution that was so outlandishly laced with bombast, paranoia and sexual innuendo that senior Italian officials were left cringing with embarrassment and we journalists at a loss as to how to report it. Words failed us. What we published was a pale reflection of what we had actually witnessed.

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- Ben Antenore

Will the EU Fall? Three Scenarios, Four Explanations, by Frédéric Mérand,  Université de Montréal, published as a blog of the American Sociological  Association. A crisp and insightful summary of the EU crisis and where it could lead.  Recommended by European Affairs.

- Owen Phelps

The flow towards Europe Interactive chart showing refugee flow into Europe, country by country, based on UN data. PUBLISHED 26.10.2015 | BY VILLE SAARINEN AND JUHO OJALA

Recommended by European affairs.

- Owen Phelps

The collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor: Solving the new privacy Rubik’s Cube, by Brad Smith – President and Chief Legal Officer Microsoft Corporation. A thoughtful post (Oct. 20) by the President of a company seriously impacted by the recent European Court of Justice take down of the “safe harbor” provisions of the EU for data transfer out of Europe. Smith lays out principles for moving to a new and better win-win formulation without plunging the world into “digital dark ages.” Recommended by European Affairs.



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