• Archiving the European Institute Website

    From the University of Maryland

             The University of Maryland’s Center for International Policy Exchanges (www.umdcipe.org) is happy to act as steward of the valuable materials published on The European Institute’s website, including those published through its online journal, European Affairs. These articles have illuminated important trans-Atlantic issues since 2000, providing a rich and valuable source of expert opinion and insight.

             All articles and blogs are well indexed and accessible to all here on the existing website of the European Institute (www.europeaninstitute.org). In the future, we plan to migrate these materials to a UMD site, operating as the European Institute at the University of Maryland.

             Please address any questions to Jason Scott (jmscot01@umd.edu).

    Douglas Besharov
    University of Maryland School of Public Policy

    From the European Institute

    Dear Friends,

             As you may already know, The European Institute has ceased operations. I am happy to inform you, however, that in the next few months, the rich work of The European Institute, captured on our website (www.europeaninstitute.org), will be archived and available to all on the website of the University of Maryland’s Center for International Policy Exchanges (www.umdcipe.org). Until then, the University will continue to maintain the existing URL and website.

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